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Written by Tim  
Wednesday, 03 December 2003

Warheads is a turn based, space related, multi player game that can be played either against local players and the cpu or online against other people from all over the world.

Gameplay is an unbalanced mix of skill, strategy, and luck - the particular mix that you bring to the game will make the games you play in, unique. Although the main goal is to kill your opponents (and earn points), there is a lot of fun and plenty of opportunities to laugh at yourself and other players - releasing a huge weapon into the play area only to have it attack you can bring a lot of 'LOL' comments !

 (Download the game for free from the 'File Downloads' section, link at the top left of this screen)


Des combats dans l'espace en réseau.
Ce jeu propose des combats au milieu de planètes. Les joueurs (éventuellement l'ordinateur dont il est possible de faire varier la force) évoluent autour des planètes pour se tirer dessus ou s'envoyer des bombes. Il est possible de jouer seul contre la machine ou de disputer des parties en réseau via Internet. Les contrôles sont une combinaison de déplacements et clics de souris et de touches de clavier.


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