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WarheadsSE Frontpage
Obtaining Keys  
Written by Jason P  
Monday, 22 December 2014

To obtain a FREE KEY for use with WarheadsSE, contact keys at

Game Client (Click HERE to get 1.55 Beta 8)

Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 April 2015 )
Beta 8 Available  
Written by Jason P  
Friday, 16 November 2012
Beta 8 Available
  • F- Fixed Next on game wait screen.
  • F- Fixed single player weapon reload.
  • -- Prior --
  • F- Stopped the client from stealing mouse on defense pick.
  • A- Added support for dns resolution of private servers.
  • F- Fixed end of game music bleeding into lobby with MP3s
  • A- F6 in the lobby now reloads weapons list.
  • F- Fixed lobby music downloads (UAC)
  • F- Fixed Weapon Loading/Editing location (UAC) [old location works for loading!]
  • Side result: Auto-create USERPROFILE\WarHeads (this will be the new location)
  • A- Added scroll wheel to Angle selection for fine tuning.
  • A- Added scroll wheel to Defense selection.
  • F- Ensured Beta tag & 'Weapons File' remains present in the lobby after a game.
  • F- Adjusted the volume to be more reasonable, especially the uber-loud tray & planets
  • F- Colors in line wrapping
  • F- Line editing bug.
  • F- 64bit Compatible!

Psst, and it's public.

Game Client
Weapon Editors Server
Last Updated ( Thursday, 23 April 2015 )
Written by Jason P  
Sunday, 15 May 2011

In the recent months, I, Maximus, know that I have not been around much. I apologize for this, but my life has been very busy. I have recently been promoted to interim Director of IT, and for the foreseeable future, will be beyond busy. As a result of this fact I have decided to make some changes for the benefit of the community.

Some items on the list:

  • I will be making the game free to play. I've never turned a profit, and never expected to honestly. There is no point in continuing to charge, when it only remains as a barrier to entry.
  • I will be naming certain community administrators, whom I will still monitor, to handle day to day assistance & maintenance.
  • I will be considering the appropriateness of releasing the source under an appropriate license, but there are ramifications that some may not understand. Do not pester me on this.
  • I will be making certain information available to capable and trusted community members to be able to expand on tools for use in the community, game, and servers.
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